Sunday, November 27, 2011

Adra Macha

Classroom project undertaken by a group of 4 people. Materials/Media used : sand , butter paper , light table , paint brush. Faculty guide Prosenjit Ganguly . Shot with Canon 1000D. Project duration 12 hours.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Classroom Works 4

Explorations 1

Explorations 2
Final composition

Classroom Works 3

A typographic exploration of the word/number - Eight , an assignment in the course of Typography .

Nature drawing in minimal strokes . 

Same as above , an attempt at minimizing use of lines (economy of lines).

Classroom Works 2

Start of 2nd SEM. A course in basic isometry.

An assignment designed to help us understand,explore and utilize various color schemes within a self made geometric composition. TOP, From left to right (Monochromatic, Warm, Double split complimentary, Split complimentary) BOTTOM, From left to right (Complimentary, Triad, Analogous, Cool)

Designing of a motif and its different arrangements. Media used: Indian ink on cartridge paper. Hand drawn and painted. 

Themed compositions. Left:Rhythm . Right:Contrast. Media used: Poster paint on cartridge paper.

An exercise to test our ability to make a sketch using highlights. Media used : Charcoal as background and eraser as a primary drawing tool .

Water color work

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Classroom Works 1

One of the basic assignments we had in our 1st Semester. Sketching of a live perspective and manipulating it with imaginary details to test our understanding of perspective.

Sketching exercise. Direct representation of  a wooden face model.

Live sketch during rural environment project research.

Same perspective exercise as mentioned earlier.

Same perspective exercise as mentioned earlier.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy birthday P.J Ganguly

This is the video we made for Prosenjit Ganguly.Luckily we had him on our campus on his birthday.Me,Nishit Vyas and Alok N.R.Three of us were sitting and chilling.I opened Facebook,saw that tomorrow is PJ's birthday.We were like 'kuch to karna hi hai'.Set for sometime and one lighting strike! Pixilation !!! Got Canon 1000D,bunch of post-its and energy! We started shooting.1:00 am to 5:00 am.At a stretch ! Still can't believe how we did it.But,too much fun and new learning.That flying thing,its 'me'.Nishit and Alok were handling the camera.It was awesome time.

WACOM intuos-3

55 mm

An exercise in photography. Course duration 2 week. Done in 3rd Semester(2010) . Clicked using Canon 1000D .